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Climate-neutral travel with the
Schneider Chauffeur Service

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Climate-neutral travel with the Schneider Chauffeur Service

The so-called “carbon footprint” – i.e. the CO2 balance of a person, an institution or a company – is becoming increasingly important in the economy and society. Thanks to this concept, we can now easily understand the impact of our actions on the climate. In order to then find the appropriate adjustment screws with which we can reduce or at least compensate for our emissions. This makes sense even when we are not bound by legal requirements. After all, it has become all too clear in recent years that climate protection is not just an issue for idealists, but affects the future of all of us.

As a progressive service provider in a classic industry, it is a matter of course for us to make a corresponding contribution to more sustainability – and of course to ensure that this commitment also benefits our customers. This is why we have looked for a way to make our services as climate-neutral as possible without you having to forego the comfort you are accustomed to when travelling in our limousines. The Novofleet CARD CLIMATE has finally given us the opportunity to take the decisive step in this direction.

Support certified climate projects with every trip – without effort or additional costs

With the climate neutral fuel card from DKV Euro Service, we provide financial compensation for every litre of diesel or petrol consumed. This goes 1:1 to the non-profit organisation myclimate Germany and then to certified climate protection projects, in order to effectively offset the CO2 consumption of our journeys. In this way, you can use our chauffeur and limousine service in a climate-neutral way and thus make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions without any further ado. Of course, we use the compensation not only for selected journeys, but for our entire fleet.

The advantages for you & your company

  • Climate-neutral travel – without impact on your company’s CO2 footprint
  • TÜV-certified compensation process
  • Support of qualitative climate protection projects (certified according to the Gold Standard)
  • Commitment to sustainability without additional effort or costs

Your way to a climate-neutral journey …

… is very simple and begins with a personal conversation. That’s why it’s best to contact us on +49 201 85 89 298 – 0 so that we can discuss the details. Or book directly via our contact form.

We look forward to taking you safely to your destination.