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Jet Aviation Service -
the comfort package for your air travel.

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Jet Aviation Service – the comfort package for your air travel

Traveling to a business meeting by private jet offers the ideal conditions for making business trips as pleasant and time-efficient as possible. But even this can quickly lead to delays and inconveniences if the travel routes around the flight are not planned just as carefully and coordinated with your personal requirements. This is where Schneider Chauffeur Service ensures comfort and quality all along the line: because with our Business Aviation Service, we are happy to take over the detailed planning of the entire trip and carefully bring you to your destination.
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In one step from the front door to your destination

This is how smooth and pleasant a journey can run: Your chauffeur will pick you up at home or any other desired location and take you safely to the airport. In some cases, transfer to the tarmac is possible for private flights – in this case, we will comply with your wishes within the framework of the airport regulations. Should there be any unavoidable waiting time, simply linger in the comfortable ambience of our limousine. Here you have optimal conditions for working, for telephone calls or to simply lean back for a moment.

As soon as you have landed at your destination airport, a driver is already waiting to take you to your appointment, hotel or vacation home. If you wish, he will be at your disposal throughout your stay, taking care of any errands and accompanying you in all your activities. So you don’t need to call a cab at any time, but have a trusted person close to you throughout, who reliably takes care of everything and is supported by our back office for any additional requests.

Five good reasons for the business aviation service with private jet

Traveling by private jet offers significant advantages over scheduled flights and other modes of transportation – not only in terms of comfort, but also and especially with regard to your valuable time. Five good reasons why you are making a wise decision with our business aviation service:

  1. Thanks to a close-meshed network of around 2,300 approach points in Europe, the private jet usually brings you much closer to your destination than a scheduled flight.
  2. The handling at the airport usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes – compared to 35+ minutes for regular flights.
  3. You don’t have strangers around, but decide for yourself whether you travel alone or with selected companions.
  4. If you wish, your pet travels of course with pleasure. And also with regard to your luggage you are not subject to the narrow limits of the airlines.
  5. Your travel comfort meets the highest standards and special requests (for example, catering) are implemented very gladly.

All in all, you can expect a trip tailored to your personal requirements with maximum time efficiency. Whereby appointments, for which otherwise an overnight stay is necessary, sometimes only take half a day.

One contact for the entire journey – your advantages with Business Aviation Service

Depending on your wishes, we are at your side for the entire planning around your business trip or even private enterprise. This includes, among other things:

  • Coordination of all routes.
    We ensure the comfortable transfer at any time – from the pickup at home or at the office to the stay at the destination to your return.
  • Tight coordination with the flight service provider for your private jet.
    We take care of all arrangements, so you can fully focus on your core tasks.
  • Flexible service around the clock.
    If additional appointments arise during the trip or if you need on-site support in any way, we will take care of it immediately.
  • Experienced chauffeurs with local knowledge & back office support

Our drivers usually have excellent local knowledge and are also comprehensively supported by our back office. This manifests itself not only in the smooth route planning, but also and especially if you spontaneously need a suitable restaurant recommendation or tickets for the opera.

The extent to which we support you on your trip is, of course, entirely at your discretion. Please contact us so that we can advise you on the details of our business aviation service.
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More convenience for business travel around the world – through a strong network

To ensure you can rely on first-class service anytime, anywhere, we rely on strong partnerships – in Germany, Europe and, of course, beyond. For private jet travel, we work closely with A-Aviation, among others, which offers Europe-wide charter flights from its home airport in Düsseldorf and shares our high standards in terms of service quality.

In addition, through our well-maintained network, we are in close contact with many other partner companies around the world, with whom we work together to provide you with seamless all-round comfort for your entire trip. Whether from Munich to Berlin, from Düsseldorf to Dubai or from Frankfurt to London and then to Beijing: with our support, you will be on the spot quickly and well taken care of wherever you are.

All-round service with class – at Schneider Chauffeur Service

As with all our other services, you can rely on the highest standards with the Business Aviation Service – including the following benefits:

  • Reliability, constant availability & highest flexibility.
    You will always have a driver available when you need him. Even at short notice or for any errands.
  • Direct & personal contact.
    With a central contact person, you are always optimally advised – especially when changing drivers are working for you.
  • Competent back office for organization & research.
    Our chauffeurs are supported at all times by a competent back office. Thus, organizational issues are quickly clarified and detailed research is possible while the driver is on duty for you.
  • Comfortable limousines with style.
    With our limousine service you have a variety of models at your disposal. You decide with which vehicle class you would like to travel.
  • Long experience in serving demanding customers.
    We are for many years for boards and other demanding customers in use – and therefore very familiar with the high demands to be met.
  • Loyalty & Discretion

A matter of course for all our drivers. No internal or personal information leaves the car!
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