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Event service & VIP transfer -
for events of any kind.

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Are you planning an important event and want to ensure smooth processes as well as perfect all-round support for guests, artists and other participants? With our event service and comfortable VIP transfer, you know your actors and guests are in the best hands, while you can focus entirely on your core tasks. Whether with single journeys for special occasions or with the 24h chauffeur service for festivals and other events lasting several days: We pick up the desired persons from the airport or from home, accompany them on their stages and take care of the safe journey home or departure. In addition, we provide support for you and your guests and contribute with errands and other services to ensure that your event leaves a highly professional impression.

Already in the run-up to the event, you will be assigned a contact person who will be responsible for you and your guests as a transport service provider. Together, we will create a demand-driven ride dispatching for your event.

In addition, there are many other ways in which we can support you at your events. Please contact us so that we can advise you individually on your project.

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Inspire artists & customers – with first-class VIP transfer

A convenient, all-around, classy service leaves a lasting impression on your performers and clients – and contributes significantly to loyal partnerships. Imagine how our chauffeurs await your artists at the airfield to take them to the concert location, while their favorite snack is already waiting on the limousine’s bench seat. Or how your actors get out of the elegant limousine with a happy smile in front of the red carpet of the film premiere – of course after the driver has opened the door for them in the old school way. In doing so, we can also take care of a short pre-trip briefing during the ride, so that your VIPs are informed about all current circumstances before the event starts.

Or imagine us picking up all your guests for the exclusive gala and bringing them safely back home later. No one needs to worry about the ride and everyone present will appreciate the first-class service of our chauffeurs. Moreover, you can be sure that several dozen limousines at the place of the gala will also paint a special picture that will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time. Thus, with our VIP transfer, you will strengthen the visibility and positioning of your company.

Innovative vehicle presentations with experienced chauffeurs

Are you a vehicle manufacturer or car dealer and want to present your latest models in an impressive way? Then let us take selected customers and press representatives home directly in the presented model after the presentation, so that you can get a vivid impression of the car. With their professional driving skills and a keen sense of effective presentation, our chauffeurs are perfectly suited to give your presentation that certain something.

We are also happy to support you with visually stunning product presentations at events or in public spaces: for example, by parking an entire fleet of the new vehicle series in precisely coordinated formation, thus ensuring curious glances and the ideal setting for a photo shoot. A service that can of course also be directly combined with the VIP service for your guests.

Our services around events & VIP transfer

How we can best support you with our high-quality event service, we discuss best in person. In principle, the following services are conceivable, among others:

  • VIP transfer for concerts, gals & events of any kind:
    • Pick-up of your guests from the airport, from home or elsewhere – of course gladly with return trip after the event
    • On-site driver service manager – One contact person for the entire ride organization
    • All-round limousine service for artists or other actors – also for several days or for longer road trips & concert tours
    • Driving service for groups – either with several vehicles or a 16-85 passenger luxury bus
    • In addition, upon request, planning of air travel by private jet through our in-house Schneider Aviation Service
  • Vehicle presentations:
    • experiential presentation of their latest vehicle models by experienced chauffeurs – possibly even with a test drive on the racetrack
    • Positioning of your vehicle fleet in impressive formation for press occasions & more
    • many other possibilities according to your wishes
  • Production service for events:
    • Support by our chauffeurs beyond the pure transfer – for example as a production driver
    • Concierge service for your artists or other selected persons

Let us know how we can best assist you. Or get a consultation in advance to learn even more about the many options available.

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Your advantages with the VIP transfer from Schneider Chauffeurservice

VIP transfer and event support from Schneider Chauffeurservice has significant benefits for your business:

  • Continuous availability & economic flexibility:
    You always have a driver available when you need him. Short term for single trips or for longer periods.
  • Reliability:
    Our drivers are reliably at your side. Thanks to a strong team in the shift system, you also do not need to worry about rest and driving times. The same applies to vacation planning and sick leave.
  • Chef driver training:
    Depending on the traffic situation, high driving demands can arise, so we train our drivers constantly at professional training institutions. Thus, they are well trained and prepared for a variety of driving situations.
  • Direct & personal contact:
    With a central contact person, you are always optimally advised – especially when changing drivers are working for you.
  • Competent back office for organization & research:
    Our chauffeurs are supported at all times by a competent back office. Thus, organizational issues are quickly clarified and detailed research is possible while the driver is on duty for you.
  • Long experience in the care of VIPs:.
    We have been on duty for important personalities for many years and are therefore very familiar with the high demands that must be met.
  • Loyalty & Discretion:
    For all our drivers a matter of course. No internal or personal information leaves the car.

For the benefit of your artists & guests: Book event service now – in the Ruhr area, in NRW & far beyond

With our event and VIP service, we are happy to assist you at any time – both around our main location in the Ruhr area and far beyond. Get in touch with us to discuss further details. This will make it easier for you to implement effective events and create tangible added value for your guests and artists.

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