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Delegation support

Whether for political reasons or to strengthen international business relations and promote constructive exchange: During a delegation visit, it is important to plan precisely so that the time on site is used optimally and all participants can focus fully on their tasks. That’s why, as part of our delegation support, we ensure that all transfers between your appointments are coordinated unerringly and that our team provides you with all-round support. It goes without saying that we adhere to the highest standards – both in terms of the limousines chosen for the trip and in terms of all other services – and that we focus entirely on the requirements of your delegation. This applies to comfort as well as to the representative effect of your vehicles and the appearance of our chauffeurs.

Please contact us so that we can discuss your wishes in detail and then put together the exact travel service tailored to them for you.

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Delegation support with class – comfortable & with high-quality vehicle selection

Through our extensive network, we can fulfill almost any vehicle request and put together a fleet entirely according to your ideas – from an elegant Maybach to a group of S-class sedans to comfortable buses for large groups of people. High-quality models with first-class equipment are a matter of course. After all, everyone involved should travel in comfort, while the carefully coordinated fleet and experienced old-school chauffeurs guarantee a strong public image.

If airport conditions permit, our limousines will already be waiting at the tarmac upon your arrival, so that you can continue your journey comfortably and purposefully. We are happy to organize your entire air travel through our in-house Schneider Aviation Service, so that you can enjoy our excellent all-round service here as well.
Let us know what other wishes you have for our delegation support – then we will prepare everything immediately.

Precise organization & arrangements for maximum safety

To ensure that every detail is really right for the planning and subsequent preparation for your visit, the personal conversation always comes first for us. Together we get an overview of the ideas and special wishes of your delegation. From this we then draw up a precise approach, which we can discuss with your security service at the appropriate time. In general, we work very closely with the security forces involved and contribute to the security of our customers with all our capabilities. This applies to delegation support as well as all other services provided by Schneider Chauffeurservice.

During the stay and depending on the situation already in advance, you will always have a personal contact person with us who is available for you day and night. If plans change spontaneously, we can react immediately and solve even difficult situations in a goal-oriented manner. This is ensured by a strong back office, which supports our drivers in the background and keeps a close eye on the traffic situation on the planned routes as well as on many other influencing factors. In this way, we are often ready with a solution before the actual hurdle even becomes apparent.

Our services around delegation support

How we can best support you in the context of delegation care is best discussed in person. In principle, the following services are conceivable, among others:

  • Perfect all-round planning with all transfers
    • Precise preparation of your trip & close consultation with other service providers involved
    • All-round limousine service for your entire delegation – from airport pick-up to all transfers to appointments
  • Sightseeing Tours
    • First-class driving service by old-school chauffeurs, for whom the well-being of our customers has the highest priority
    • In addition, upon request, planning of air travel by private jet through our in-house Schneider Aviation Service, so you know your entire trip is in the best hands
  • Impressive fleet of vehicles in any size
    • High-quality vehicle selection – precisely tailored to their ideas
    • From comfortable mid-size sedans to exclusive luxury models: We fulfill every vehicle wish
    • No matter how large your delegation is – we provide the appropriate fleet of vehicles and, of course, also keep a close eye on the associated external impact.
    • In addition to classic limousines, we can use luxury buses with capacities from 16 to 85 people, so that larger groups of people can travel together in one vehicle.

Let us know how we can best assist you with our delegation support. We will be happy to advise you on all the details.

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Your benefits of delegation support from Schneider Chauffeur Service

By relying on Schneider Chauffeur Service for delegation support, you will secure significant benefits for your visit:

  • Point-precise & at the same time flexible organization
    We prepare your stay down to the last detail to guarantee the best possible comfort and optimal safety conditions. At the same time, we can flexibly respond to requests and adapt procedures at any time if the situation requires it.
  • Direct & personal contact
    With a central contact person you are always well advised. At the same time, we are available to you day and night during your stay – so you can always rely on our full support.
  • Chef driver training
    Depending on the traffic situation, high driving demands can arise, so we constantly train our drivers at professional training institutions. Thus, they are well trained and prepared for a wide variety of driving situations.
  • competent back office for organization & research
    Our chauffeurs are supported at all times by a competent back office. Thus, organizational issues are quickly clarified and detailed research as well as a forward-looking consideration of the traffic situation possible while the drivers are on duty for you.
  • Long experience in the support of delegations, boards & VIPs
    We have been on assignment for important groups of people for many years and are therefore very familiar with the high demands that need to be met.
  • wide network
    Whether for special vehicle requests, additional chauffeurs with many years of experience or other requests that go beyond our on-site capacities: Through our extensive network, we can provide the appropriate options for any situation.
  • Loyalty & Discretion
    A matter of course for all our drivers. No internal or personal information leaves the car.

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With our delegation support, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive assistance and prepare everything for your stay. Please contact us to discuss the further details. This way we can tailor the planning exactly to your wishes right from the start and arrange all further preparatory steps directly.

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