Always the right vehicle – from limousines to vans

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Our Fleet

Show up in the right vehicle every time—regardless of whether you need a luxury vehicle or an understated car: Our flexible limousine service offers new mid-range and luxury vehicles from traditional European brands in a timeless black. The wide range of limousines, touring sedans and spacious vans are usually extremely powerful, but with a comfortable interior with leather seats, shock-absorbing technology and much more, including multimedia components.

It goes without saying that perfection is our highest priority with the interior and exterior of every vehicle—we place great value on ongoing maintenance of the mechanics, bodywork and interior. What’s more, we offer our customers complete transparency: You can view the vehicle’s registration and maintenance documents at any time if you wish to see for yourself that all of the vehicles we use are officially licensed, regularly inspected and completely without faults, and also meet current safety requirements in every aspect.