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Philosophy & Values

Being a chauffeur means so much more than just driving a vehicle. It means constantly putting yourself in the passenger’s perspective and aligning your own actions entirely with their demands. The back seat is a protected space in every respect: driving style and vehicle equipment pursue the goal of making the journey barely perceptible. The safety of the guest is paramount. And no information ever leaves the car unintentionally – that is the credo of every one of our drivers.

At the same time, an excellent chauffeur develops a fine sense for the needs of his clients. He adapts to the desired manners, conducts friendly conversations or remains silent and communicates only the essentials in a discreet manner. With regular contact, he knows the habits of his guests and adapts to them – sometimes already with the appropriate errands without having to be asked first. This is not a big deal, but rather a matter of course.

You can recognise a real chauffeur by the fact that you hardly notice him – until a request comes up and he already knows a solution. You will recognise him by his standards and his service orientation, which extend far beyond the steering wheel. And you will recognise him by the fact that he is ready and waiting to open the door to your vehicle.