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FAQ - We answer your questions

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FAQ – Questions and answers

The most important questions & answers at a glance:

Airport Transfer FAQ

After you have cleared customs, look out for your chauffeur, he will have a sign or name tag in his hand. The chauffeur will also text you shortly before your flight lands if you have provided a mobile number. If for any reason you cannot find us, please call +49 201 858 929 80 or the chauffeur’s mobile number provided in your booking confirmation.

We will monitor your flight and arrive half an hour after landing to avoid any further waiting time. If you are then delayed further for any reason, such as a delay at customs, the waiting time will be charged at an hourly rate (depending on the type of vehicle), where we divide the hour into 30-minute sections.

Depending on how big the airport is, as well as whether you are flying domestically or abroad, you should be at the airport 1-3 hours before departure.

Parking fees are not included in the offer price. They will be added to the invoice at the end of the journey.

Please call or email us and we will update your booking with the new details.

Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We monitor your flight by flight number, therefore we can detect early arrivals or delays in time.nYour chauffeur will be at the airport on time when you land.

Chauffeur and driver FAQ

Yes, your chauffeur will always help you carry your bags and luggage.

Of course, the chauffeur opens the doors and is also happy to help you get in and out of the car.

Absolutely not! Not only is it against the law, but attention must be paid to safe driving.

Our chauffeurs are always polite and discreet. If the passenger wishes to speak or ask questions, the chauffeur will be happy to oblige.

Absolutely. All our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality agreements. What is said in the car stays in the car.

The chauffeur will always drive at a safe and reasonable speed that is appropriate to the road conditions, traffic and legal speed limits.

Our chauffeurs and drivers are trained to comply with the applicable traffic regulations at all times.nOn roads where the speed limit has been lifted, our chauffeurs and drivers drive according to a guideline speed.

General booking questions

We are happy to set up a customer account for you. You can decide whether we charge per journey or issue a monthly invoice.

We would love to, we love animals. Let us know when booking that you would like to travel with a dog. We will provide you with a dog blanket free of charge. Water and snacks from are also included in the offer.

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with a MAXICOSI child seat free of charge, which is securely connected to the vehicle thanks to the ISOFIX system.

You only pay after the ride is complete. We will require a credit card for booking. In advance we will reserve the expected invoice amount on your credit card plus 15%.

Depending on the workload, you can also book at very short notice, approx. 1 hour before the start of the journey. We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Call us on +49 201 858 929 80 or online via our enquiry form

Yes, you will receive an automated SMS as soon as the chauffeur arrives. In addition, you can also let us know if you would like to be called or if you would like the chauffeur to ring.

Yes you can.