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Employee shuttle &
bus logistics for company transport

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Employee shuttle & bus logistics for company transport

Show your employees that they are valuable to you – and strengthen your position as an attractive employer: with our wide range of shuttle options for company transport, you can provide a convenient alternative to travelling by your own car or local public transport. This means your team can get to work in comfort and on time, while reducing rush-hour traffic and their carbon footprint in a sensible way – a special service that your employees are sure to appreciate. With our employee shuttles and bus logistics for company transport, we not only support you with the everyday journey to work, but also with company celebrations, collective visits to trade fairs and other occasions.

Please contact us to arrange a tailor-made transport concept for your company.

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Comfortable & reliable: individualised shuttle service for companies

Following the pandemic-related shift to working from home, many people have realised that the daily commute can be a stress factor. This is no surprise, after all, public transport usually involves scrambles and unpunctual connections, especially at peak times, while rush-hour traffic demands a high level of concentration at the wheel. If you also consider the rising costs, you quickly begin to wonder whether and for how long the daily commute will remain feasible in the long run.

But of course there are numerous scenarios where the physical presence of your employees on site may be useful and sometimes essential. By providing individually tailored solutions for commuting to work with a company shuttle service, you support your teams and boost employee satisfaction in your company – a good investment for long-term success.

You also don’t need to worry about anything else. In consultation with you, we will put together the ideal concept for you and ensure that your employees always arrive to work in comfort and on time in the future.

Service scenarios – Your company transport options

Be it as a general service or project-related for specific teams, our employee shuttles are tailored to your specific needs. You can use our employee shuttles for the following scenarios, among others:

  • Private company bus service for the daily commute to work – tailored to your employees’ places of residence
  • Daily shuttles to the train station or airport – for commuting & business trips
  • Bus logistics between several company sites
  • Comfortable shuttle service for your company party or other events
  • Transfers to trade fairs

Of course, we can also support you with our bus logistics and limousine service for special occasions outside of normal working hours – for example, by reliably transporting everyone home after a company party so that no one has to worry about the journey home.

Do you have any other ideas that you would like to implement in company transport? Just let us know and we will develop a suitable transport concept for your needs.

Why use employee shuttles for company transport? – The benefits

The versatile possibilities in company transport offer numerous benefits to your company:

  • Higher employee satisfaction & therefore an increased sense of belonging
  • Punctual arrival to work thanks to a reliable alternative to public transport
  • Good for carbon footprint – the daily commute plays a major role in this respect
  • Cost savings compared to individual transport with company cars
  • Safe journey home later at night

There are also some other options in addition to company transport. Find out more about our bus service here:

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Bus logistics & shuttle service for company transport with Schneider Chauffeurservice

As an experienced chauffeur and limousine service, we place the utmost importance on precise forward planning, 100% reliability and first-class service. This is also reflected in our services in company transport: by providing you with precise advice from the very first consultation, and by tailoring the shuttle connections to your specific needs and individual wishes – and therefore transporting your employees as well as guests to your desired destinations in comfort. You can always rely on our full loyalty and discretion.

Even when a longer-term support contract sometimes involves rotating drivers in the company’s transport operations, you will have a central point of contact to support you at all times. This way, you are always optimally advised and we can adapt our shuttle service immediately in case of any changes.

Get advice now & arrange your company transport

Take advantage of the impressive benefits of company transport and let your employees see that you are acting responsibly, climate-consciously and with a view to the future. Whether you already have elaborate plans for this or would like to solidify your initial thoughts: we will advise you on all the details in a personal meeting and then prepare everything. You will soon feel confident that your teams are in good hands on their journey to work and that you can rely on a first-class shuttle service for your employees.

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