Rent a club bus - for away matches, club trips & more

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Rent a club bus – for away matches, club trips & more

Is your sports team about to play an away match and would you like to ensure that your team can travel together and under optimal conditions? Or are you planning a club trip with one or even several excursion destinations, where the journey should also be a joint experience? With our bus service you are flexible on the road and can arrange the trip in the way that is best for your team and club members. Because when you hire a club bus from us, you have our full support and experience on your side – with a first-class service offer and comprehensive advice on your individual wishes.

Contact us right away by phone so that we can advise you on the possibilities and put together a concrete proposal for your travel planning.

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Hire a club bus for away matches & tournaments

Especially for the journey to away games and tournaments, the joint journey with the club bus is the ideal start: Instead of arriving at the destination bit by bit and getting together there, you undertake the journey as a team right from the start and can mentally prepare for the upcoming challenge on the way. Use the opportunity to strengthen the group feeling and talk about possible game strategies once again. Or enjoy relaxed conversations in a cosy class trip atmosphere to go into the game later full of verve and anticipation.

Whether it’s football, hockey, darts or chess: we are happy to put together the right itinerary for a wide variety of sports clubs. When you hire a club bus from us, we get an idea of your individual requirements and wishes, advise you on concrete possibilities and then prepare everything. Of course, we are available for individual appointments as well as a permanent charter bus service provider for all away matches and other occasions.

Please let us know how we can best support you.

Flexible organisation of club trips

Even far away from upcoming matches and competitions, you can use our flexible bus service for your club trips – from a day trip to a joint hiking tour followed by a meal to a trip of several days to a surrounding country. We will take care of the careful planning of your trip and, if you wish, will be happy to help you choose the right activities for your group. Through our extensive network, we can also quickly put you in touch with recommended local service providers and ensure precise coordination between all participants. Depending on the design of the trip, it is even conceivable to offer catering directly on the bus. We are open to your wishes and look forward to making your excursion an all-round successful experience.

Of course, our offer is not only valid for sports groups, but for clubs and groups of all kinds – from cultural associations to volunteer fire brigades and scouts to interest groups and business associations.

Why it (almost) always makes sense to hire a club bus:

For group activities of any kind, hiring a club bus is almost always the best option. There are good reasons for this:

  • Comfort & overview
    From the common meeting point at the clubhouse to the venue or another desired excursion location: With our bus, you and your group will seamlessly reach your destination and can make yourselves comfortable in the comfortable coach meanwhile. In addition, you will be travelling as a closed group, which makes it easier to keep track of everything and gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas along the way or simply enjoy the communal atmosphere.
  • Flexibility
    Someone is late for departure or there are last-minute changes to the destination? With the bus, we can react flexibly to the situation and reschedule the trip to suit you. The same applies to any traffic complications, which our team proactively keeps an eye on in order to be able to switch to another route in good time.
  • Safety
    The coach is considered the safest means of transport on the road and has the advantage over public transport such as the train that the group remains among itself in a shared vehicle and you cannot lose sight of each other.
  • Mobility at your destination
    If required, the bus and driver remain on site even on trips lasting several days and are available throughout for excursions to group activities.
  • Suitable for any group size
    From a small day trip with the club committee to a joint adventure holiday with the whole troop: we provide the right coach capacities for every group size and ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.

Safe & sustainable travel with the club bus

The safety and well-being of our passengers have absolute priority at all times. This guiding principle is an elementary component of our identity as a high-quality driving service provider and applies to all our bus and chauffeur service offerings. To ensure the highest standards here, we rely on comprehensively trained drivers who react quickly and prudently even in emergencies, and we take care to plan our routes with foresight, keeping an eye on the current traffic situation. We also pay careful attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of our buses so that you can rely on technically flawless vehicles. In the menu items “About us” as well as “Quality assurance” you can find out more about what our profession as a chauffeur service and driving service provider essentially means to us.

In addition, travelling together by bus is usually more environmentally friendly than other travel options and thus contributes to a climate-conscious orientation of your association activities.

Club trips at home & abroad – inspiration for planning

Are you still unsure how you would like to organise your club trip? Then we have some suggestions for possible destinations and activities:

  • Hiking together followed by a feast
    Whether in the Eifel, the Teutoburg Forest or in countryside areas beyond North Rhine-Westphalia: hiking together in the great outdoors is a benefit for body and soul and strengthens the group feeling. Afterwards, you can round off the day with a delicious dinner before returning home by club bus.
  • Visit to the climbing park
    Things get even more exciting when you take on a challenge together. A visit to the climbing park or similar leisure educational activities are great for bringing you closer together as a group and training you to deal with difficult situations as well as having fun.
  • Big city visit with cultural highlights
    A trip to Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden or Munich together can also be an enriching adventure – with a great cultural offer and maybe just an evening of partying. A trip to European capitals such as Paris, Amsterdam or Vienna is also conceivable.

Of course, there are many more options for the club trip. If you are still unsure, please contact us so that we can put together the right package for your group.

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Get advice now & rent a club bus

Make it easy for yourself by contacting us to rent your club bus and start planning together with us. We will advise you on all the details in a personal meeting and then prepare everything. You will then have ticked off one of the most important points for your travel preparations and can then discuss the other details with your group.

Please also let us know if we can take care of any other tasks related to your travel planning. Thanks to our many years of experience as an internationally active travel service provider, we know our way around many places, can make suggestions for suitable accommodation and refer you to reliable contacts. Of course, we are happy to actively contribute our know-how to ensure a successful trip for your association.

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