Bus hire for school trips & school excursions throughout Europe

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Bus hire for school trips & school excursions

Are you planning your next school trip or school excursion and are looking for a reliable service provider for bus travel? With the offer from Schneider Chauffeurservice, which is specially geared towards school groups, you can quickly and easily hire a suitable bus for the school trip – of course including a professional driver who will ensure a safe journey and will be happy to provide help and advice.

Contact us right away by phone so that we can advise you on the possibilities and put together a concrete proposal for your travel planning. In many cases, we can also provide support at short notice – so don’t hesitate to call us.

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Opportunities for the class trip: Berlin visit, trips abroad & more

Our bus service is basically available for all school trips and school excursions that are feasible via the road network. So whether you are planning a short trip to the zoo or a visit to a musical in Hamburg, a two-day stay in Berlin or a week-long graduation trip to Prague, Barcelona or Tuscany: by hiring your bus for the school trip from us, you are well prepared for all routes and can rely on a smooth journey with a foresightedly planned itinerary. It goes without saying that we think of sufficient stopovers at suitable waypoints and are happy to orientate ourselves to the individual needs of your group of pupils. After all, especially on longer journeys, it is important that the young people can take a breath of fresh air and get some exercise in between.

If you wish, the bus is also available throughout the trip – for example for short excursions to places of interest or exploring the great outdoors. Just let us know what your ideas are for the trip so that we can prepare everything accordingly.

Does it really make sense to hire a bus for the school trip?

There are good reasons why the bus is the preferred means of travel for school trips of all kinds:

  • Comfort & Overview
    From the common meeting point in the schoolyard to the youth hostel or hotel: with our bus, you and your students will arrive seamlessly at your destination and can make yourselves comfortable in the coach. In addition, you are travelling as a closed group, which makes it much easier for you as a supervisor to keep track of the group.
  • Flexibility
    Someone is late for departure or there are last-minute changes to the destination? With the bus we can react flexibly to the situation and reschedule the trip to suit you. The same applies to any complications with traffic, which our team proactively keeps an eye on in order to be able to switch to another route in good time.
  • Safety
    The coach is considered the safest means of transport on the road and has the advantage over public transport such as the train that the group remains in a shared vehicle and you can keep an eye on your students.
  • Mobility at the destination
    If required, the bus and driver remain on site at the destination and are available for excursions during the entire time of the school trip.
  • Suitable for any group size
    From a visit to Paris with the French language course to a joint trip with the entire final year class: we provide the right coach capacity for every group size and ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.

Safety first! – An absolute matter of course for us

What applies to you in your function as a responsible and supervisory person is for us just as elementary a component of our identity as a high-quality driving service provider: the safety and well-being of our passengers have absolute priority at all times. To ensure the highest standards in this regard, we rely on comprehensively trained drivers who react quickly and prudently even in emergencies, and we take care to plan our routes with foresight, keeping an eye on the current traffic situation. We also pay careful attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of our buses so that you can rely on technically flawless vehicles.

In the menu items “About us” and “Quality assurance” you can find out more about what our profession as a chauffeur service and driving service provider essentially means to us.

Class trip destinations at home & abroad – inspiration for planning

  • Big city adventure plus culture in European capitals such as Berlin, London, Prague, Rome or Madrid.
    There is a lot to see and experience for your students. At the same time, the cultural offerings of the capitals are very diverse, so that adventure and education go hand in hand.
  • Island Experiences on the North Sea
    Whether Norderney, Borkum, Halligen or Sylt: a school trip to the North Sea brings your pupils into intensive contact with nature and the elements and strengthens group cohesion through joint outdoor activities.
  • Beach and nature idylls on the Côte d’Azur or in Tuscany
    Give your group a great time by the sea – ideally in combination with day trips to the cultural highlights and sights of the region. Of course, your coach is always ready for this.

Of course, there are many more options for travelling with your school class. If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us so that we can put together the right package for your school trip together.

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Simplify your further planning by contacting us immediately and renting the bus for your school trip. We will advise you on all the details in a personal meeting and then prepare everything. You will then have ticked off one of the most important points in your travel preparations and can start planning the details together with your group.

Please also let us know if we can take care of any other travel-related tasks for you. Thanks to our many years of experience as an internationally active travel service provider, we know our way around many places, can make suggestions for suitable accommodation and refer you to reliable contacts. Of course, we are happy to actively contribute our know-how to make your school trip a success.

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